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Basic Drawing

Appearing for a drawing exam improves your concentration Power and your ability to sit for a longer period of time in one place. It improves cleanliness, handwriting and also the way to present something in a near way.It helps to choose your career if you are opting to become an architect, an engineer, for animation, polytechnic etc… The certificate which you get after appearing for the intermediate exams helps you for the above entrance exams. While drawing you learn various colour combinations & thus it helps you, when you study D.T.P., Corel-draw, Photoshop while learning Computer.While drawing you have to observe minutely and with concentration. This improves your drawing skill in Geometry, Geography etc… Thus helping you in Academics. Admissions Open Right From 3rd To 8th std. For All Mediums So don’t waste your time & be ready to pass exams with flying colours.



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